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Love All Ministries

Love, Disciple, and Empowering Young people in all aspects of life.

Love,  Disciple,   Empower.

The Katabiras


" We believe that as individual lives are transformed, it will overflow into the transformation of a nation".  The katabiras

Love All Ministries

We are here to
young people in all aspects of  life. 

We are raising leaders who will make a difference in society in all aspects of life.

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LAM - Youth Centre

"Is more than a youth Centre. It is home for many of us"

A place of refuge for the broken and hurting, Where hope is rekindled and lives are restored. At LAM-Uganda, Christ's love is ever-present, Bringing transformation to those who who need it. Here, new skills are acquired and talents discovered, As the wounded find a safe space to grow and heal. A brighter future, once obscure and covered, Emerges, as their heart and soul begins to feel. a place Where the hurting find solace and a sense of worth. For in this place, love and compassion never cease, And the broken-hearted find a new sense of direction in their walk with Christ in a relationship. .  WE ARE A FAMILY!

Love is the cornerstone of any healthy society, but unfortunately, it's being twisted and misunderstood today. This has led to broken families and young men and women growing up without the love of a mother or father. We're here to break this cycle and restore hope through the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ! God has sent us to the Lugazi community in Uganda to love, disciple, and empower young people and children for over a decade. Our family-like environment creates a safe place for you to grow in your personal relationship with God through Christ. Join us and discover your gifts and calling while working as a diverse family, sharing ideas, and learning new skills. Together, let's break the bondage of broken families and start a new journey of hope!


We accept each young person as worthy, and welcome regardless of who they are, where they’ve been, or what their future might look like. They know we love them, care deeply for them, and want only the best for their lives. We love each of our youth as the precious individuals they are, modeling Christ’s love for them so they can share Christ’s love with others in everything they do

Our Goal is to disciple, and release young people into their gifts and calling in order to serve, and influence others in all areas of life.

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Love All Ministries Uganda

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LAM - Skill Training

Hands on skill trainig

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Empowering youth to influence others for Christ Through hand on skill training.

We provide a safe environment for youth to obtain hands on skills so they can thrive in a nation where 85% of the population are young people bellow 35 year with few jobs available.

The education system in Uganda  releases more  job seekers, than job creators.

Our heart is to be part of the solution to release innovators who will create opportunities for others and   serve in their gifts at the level of excellence with integrity  reflecting  Christ in all areas of life. This will reduce the 68% of unemployed youth in Uganda.

"Giving skills is part of our discipleship mission for we believe that a church should be beyond the pulpit" 


LAM - Out Reaches

Reaching out to the community with the practical Gospel of our lord Jesus that transforms Lives.

We Disciple followers of Christ to disciple others. We GO, and reach out to God’s people in different places, sharing the good news of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and invite people to in a relationship with CHRIST.

At times we are led to show kindness to the needy, and God still uses it to draw his people to him self

Proverbs 19:17 NLT

If you help the poor, you are lending to the Lord
   and he will repay you!

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