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Sponsorship Program
Love, Disciple, and Empower Youth

Sponsorship Program

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You can be an answer to a youth or a Child in need to continue with school. The situation with education in Uganda depend on how you are standing financially. If you don’t have tuition you don’t go to school. The quality of school and eduction is determined by how much you can pay, so now imaging a country where  77% are bellow 25 years of age. Unemployment and poverty are some of the biggest issues in Uganda. “ We believe that as a individual lives are transformed, it will overflow in to the transformation of a nation”


This is the reason why Love All Ministries-Uganda seeks for sponsorship donations to further education for the young people who have dropped out of school, and children especially the orphaned and those from broken families.

As LAM-Uganda we are focussed on “a hands on skill for every young person”. On top of what they are studying at school for we are looking in the future for innovators in all aspects of life, with this achievement, unemployment problem and high crime rate will be reduced.


You too can be part of this transformation by sawing a seed of your finances in improving a single life which will lead to a community transformation.


We have a few young men and women who have gone through this program, some are gradients with Jobs, and others have skill they are using at their places of work. We are excited to partner with you to raise more God fearing innovators to advance the kingdom of God. When you sponsor a young person or child, you help us to provide for education in a better school, food and scholastic materials like books, papers, pens and pencils. You also help us run programs at LAM-Uganda youth centre that help them to grow in a relationship with God, especially for students in holidays.


Join our sponsorship team NOW!

We believe that as individual lives are transformed, it will overflow into the transformation of a nation

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