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We are on a MISSION

To Love, Disciple, and Empower young people in all aspects of Life.

 As a ministry, we desire to be the present positive change that lays a foundation for the next generations to thrive.

We are here to inspire and grow a God fearing generation that will reflect Christ in all areas of their life as they serve each other in their God given potential despite their diversity . “ To us , an intimate relationship with God is the source of all life to all aspects of life”

“You can tell the nature of the next generation by looking at the nature of the present generation.” By Nixon Katabira
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As a team, we  have worked to provide these critical elements to the youth in Lugazi by creating a safe environment with a family feel for the young people to be:- 


LOVED and introduced to a personal and intimate relationship with God  through Christ, and continue to grow in our faith through our weekly youth / children  fellowships. We love each of our young people (youth and children) as precious individuals they are. Modeling Christ’s love for them so they can share Christ’s love with others.

DISCIPLED As we walk and work with them throughout their life challenges by encouraging, and challenging them to grow in a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus. As we apply God’s written word and yield to the Holy Spirit lives are transformed. We believe that “the spiritual aspect of life is key in laying solid foundations for all aspects of life”. We also believe that all institutions emerge from a family set up where we care and support each other as the body of Christ.


 ❖ EMPOWERED As we continue to give them opportunities to do hands-on skill training in different areas, and champion them into their gifts and callings to be able to influence others in all aspects of life. God is raising servant leaders. Disciples who disciple others. A church in the community beyond the walls. We are Love All Ministries Uganda


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