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Love All Ministries

Prison Ministry

We reach out to Brothers and Sisters in prison with the word of hope (the gospel of our Lord Jesus). When we are able, we try to meet some of their physical needs for example: bringing soap so they can wash their uniforms and shower and a meal once in a while.

We have seen lives transformed and some visit our home after their release simply because we don’t label them as unwanted, Christ cares and desire them to know him, and for many this actually has been an opportunity to break the spiritual prisons and Chains, that even though they are in a physical prison, they are free spiritually with a right attitude to make a difference on their release back in society.

We hear many breaking stories, that have changed our lives too. Not every one in prison actually did a crime, many are innocent, and questioning God why? These answers can not be answered by hate , but by the Love of Christ that Transforms lives and brings forgiveness.

Note: We are not allowed to take pictures of prisoners.

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