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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

“ Thank you for reaching out to us. You have not circled us off as rejects. You have given in your time and finances to share with us.”

Those are words of the youths that you are reaching out to with your kindness, and generosity together with the team here at love all ministries Uganda. It has been humbling to hear the stories of these young people and how they are getting along with life. Most of them have been laid off from work due to the pandemic, as a result, as result, there has been the formation of gangs in the community which is rising the rate of crime and drug abuse. Uganda with about 58% of its population being youth bellow 25 years, has been for long straggling with unemployment which means that the pandemic is causing more harm than good. Youth in Lugazi is claiming that " the only way to have a break with this chaos is by taking drugs and drinking, but we know for sure that this is not true. This is why we thank you for investing in these lives by enabling us to take the good news of our Lord Jesus that transforms lives to these young people in their meeting places. We are seeing the transformation in their lives and the way they are committed to the discipleship program, where we do life with them to the extent that we don't wait for them to come to the center. We go for them in their meeting places. We could not do this without your input.


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