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Folded Newspapers

November 02, 2020

Imagine a world with all its craziness. How would it be without God?. How would our lives look like if God was not in the picture? I will admit l would be so restless, anxious. I would be hopeless and helpless at the end of my human understanding!

Thank God that he knows every detail of our lives and nothing takes him by surprise. In reference, if you want to know the details of your car, a mechanic may try but a maker has the blueprints. In a season like this, our hopes remain in the Lord who knows how he will carry us through this time where relationships have been strained. All we need is to lift our eyes to the most important, to the hope of our salvation Jesus Christ to help us to stand firm, and be the light shining brighter in times like this. You may not see my smile because it is covered by a mask, but I can lift my hand from a distance to share the love of Christ with you. JESUS CARES.

From Africa-Uganda to wherever God has placed you. We send our greetings and bless God for watching over you. Thank you for your continuous support to us and Love All Ministries Uganda. Your unmasked love is evident through your generosity despite the season we are in.



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